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Our Environmental, Social & Governance Policy

The ES&G factors represent the non-financial performance of our company.   United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment invites investors to consider ESG issues when evaluating the performance of any company.   Moreover, nowadays, the contribution of corporations towards sustainable development is a major concern of investors, creditors, government, and other environmental agencies.   Therefore, the purpose of this policy is to examine the impact of ES&G factors on our tiny business and solicit input through our suggestion links for any ideas which could improve our global presence and appearance.

We are not currently seeking outside investors, but are continuously seeking agents to further spread our products.   We are not currently seeking sources of credit, as they are not needed for our initial expansion.   We feel, but have not thoroughly researched, that our environmental impact is negligible, but are seeking input of differing opinions and observations.   With the above thoughts and opinions in mind we will not pursue any further action on this policy until factors or circumstances change.

This document was last updated on November 26, 2020



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